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Re-Entry FAQs

When do classes start?

There is a quarter start every January, March, June, and September.

Who do I contact to start the re-entry process?

a. Re-Entry and Continuing Education Coordinators are located at each campus to assist you. You can either submit the information request found on the main Re-Entry and Continuing Education page or contact your campus directly.

How do I find out if I have a balance with the school?

If you think you might have a balance, contact the collections office at 502.456.9867. Keep in mind that your account must be in good standing to re-enter.

What are the statuses of my student loans?

Any questions about your student loans should be directed to your lender. If you are not sure who your lenders are, contact the financial planning office located on the last campus you attended.

Can I change my program/major?

In most circumstances, Yes! Your Coordinator will assist you with any questions you might have in changing your program.

How do I know if I am in good standing with the school?

Once you contact the Re-Entry and Continuing Education Coordinator at your selected campus, they will be able to determine your academic and financial standing with the school.

Will all of the credits that I earned last time I attended still be good?

Each class that you have previously attempted/completed will be evaluated. You will be given information on the classes that you have remaining in your program of choice under the current curriculum for that program. Please understand that program requirements do change over time to ensure that you are receiving the most current information in your education.

I was on probation or suspended last time I attended. Will I be able to re-enter?

If you were on probation the last time you attended, your progress will be evaluated once you re-enter.

If you were on suspension, you will need to complete an appeals request prior to meeting with a Re-Entry and Continuing Education Coordinator. You can complete an appeal at:\appeals

  • If you have submitted your appeal request and have not heard anything, please contact the following:
    • At the Ft. Knox campus contact Penny Uphaus
    • At the Lexington campus contact Anne Moore
    • At the Louisville campus contact Cortney Tudor
    • For Online contact

I have attended another University since leaving Sullivan. Will you accept those credits when I re-enter?

If you have attended another accredited University or College, those transcripts can be evaluated for your current program by the Campus Registrar.

How do I get my transcript to you from another school?

Your Coordinator will tell you where to have your transcripts sent. It is your responsibility to cover any costs and to make sure we receive your transcripts.

Are there any re-entry fees?

If you have a $0.00 balance there are no fees attached to re-entering Sullivan University. If you have a balance with the school, you must be current with our collections department before your re-entry will be approved.

When will I know if I am qualified for financial aid?

Once you have completed an application and pre-financial paperwork with Sullivan, you will be directed by your Coordinator what your next steps with Financial Planning will be. Your Financial Planning Coordinator will notify you of any issues.

I am a cash paying student. What do I need to do?

If you will be paying cash for all of your educational costs (books, fees, and tuition), your Coordinator will help you complete all required documents before a schedule is released to you.

My company will help pay my tuition. What do I need to do?

If your company will assist you in your educational costs (books, fees, and/or tuition), you will need to provide your Coordinator with a copy of your company's current tuition reimbursement policy. Your Coordinator will also work with you on completing all documentation required. Sullivan University will allow you to defer those payments until 30 days after the quarter ends based on the company policy. The Business Office Manager or Student Accounts Coordinator will assist you in getting any supporting documentation you might need to receive funds from your company.

How do I get a schedule?

Once all documents have been submitted and you have been approved to return, you will be notified that it is time to schedule. Depending on the class platform you chose (On Campus or Online), your Coordinator will walk you through the steps needed to obtain your schedule.

How do I get books?

If you are an online student and will be using financial aid funding to purchase your books you will need to submit a book voucher request. Your financial planning coordinator will assist you in submitting this form. Once approved you will be able to purchase your books through the Online Bookstore.

If you are an on campus student using financial aid funding to purchase your books, you will be able to purchase your books on your account in the bookstore once your schedule has been released to you.

If you are a cash paying or company deferred student, you will be able to purchase your books either online or in the school bookstore once you have received an official class registration via e-mail or an official schedule via your student portal.

What is this credit card that you sent me last time I was enrolled?

The SUSDebitCard that you may have received from the school is needed for any refunds or living expense funds on your account that you may receive. The extra funds will be deposited onto the card and depending on how you have arranged for your funds to be disbursed on the card will be your way of accessing these funds. If you have lost your SUSDebitCard, you can request a replacement card from the financial planning office at a cost of $20.00 to you.

What if I didn’t receive a card?

If you have not been enrolled since September 2009, you will have a card issued to you once you have completed the process.

Will my current student loans be deferred once I re-enter?

If you have student loans either in deferment, forbearance, or re-payment, once you have returned to being at least a 1/2 time student, you will be able to place your loans into deferment depending on your lender’s policy. The financial planning office will assist you with this.

What is my next step?

If you are ready to begin the process, please return to\reentry and follow the directions. The Coordinator best suited to your campus and program requests will be in touch with you soon.

Still have questions? Contact the Campus of choice and a Coordinator will be happy to assist you!

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