What Employers Say:

Jeff Biggs, Vice President of Engineering for Peak10 (formerly Xodiax) says, "We have been very pleased with the level of quality of the Sullivan grads we have recruited to work with us. We set a high standard for candidates, and Sullivan University graduates have continued to hit the mark."

Student Success Stories:

Chana Cohn, a graduate of Sullivan's Microsoft and Cisco programs was recently promoted to Manger of Network Operations with Peak 10. Chana was an office temp when she started the Sullivan program two years ago and has more than tripled her salary since starting in IT.

Greg Kamer was working part time at a local university. He is now an IT Analyst at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. Click to hear Greg's testimonial.

Dean Veit was a manager at Wal-Mart a little over a year ago. Dean is now working in IT and says, "Thanks to the high quality of the Microsoft Network Engineer program at Sullivan University and the expertise and contacts of my instructor, I was able to secure a great career in IT.

Ed Baker, a graduate of the first Microsoft class in 1998, manages the national technology infrastructure at and attributes his success to Sullivan's IT Academy for giving him his start.

Khalid El Hassan was a recent immigrant from Sudan. Khalid completed the Cisco program and now manages the network router infrastructure at Bank of America's national call center.

Mike Schneider needed to get certifications and credentials from Microsoft and Cisco to advance his career. He now works as a system engineer at MaximumASP which hosts over 1100 servers and manages over 35,000 domains for customers from 62 countries.

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