Specialized IT Courses

The IT Academy provides individuals and corporations with courses that are beyond traditional certification training and has developed customized training for many local corporations. The courses listed are a sample of the diverse training offered. Give us a call at 502-456-6505.

  • Business Analysis - Information technology Planning and Practices
  • Sarbanes/Oxley - Requirements, Ramifications, and Compliance
  • HIPPA Compliance for IT Professionals
  • Scripting for Network Infrastructure Maintenance and Support
  • Virtual Machine technologies - Planning and Implementation in the Enterprise
  • Network Operating Systems Patch Management and Anti-Virus - Planning and Implementation 9
  • Disk Imaging and Deployment - Planning and Implementation
  • Information technology Project Management - Processes, Practices, and Tools
  • Principles of Negotiation - an Information technology Focus
  • Network Traffic Analysis and Interpretation - Processes, Practices and Tools
  • Network Enterprise Software Deployment - Planning, Practices and Tools