I want both an IT certification and degree. Can I do that?

Yes. Certification classes also count as college credit that can be applied toward an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Information technology.

I work full time. Can I still take classes?

Our classes are offered days, nights and weekends to help with busy schedules.

How can I pay for school?

Sullivan offers a variety of financial aid packages for those who qualify and accepts employee tuition reimbursement programs as well as Veteran and Vocational education benefits.

Will my tuition increase each year like other schools?

NO! Sullivan provides students with a unique tuition lock guarantee. Once you start classes your tuition each year remains the same.

Is Sullivan up to date with technology?

Yes! Because Sullivan is a private university system, updates to course curriculum, equipment and course offerings keep pace with changing technology. Sullivan University is keeping up with merging trends and technologies by adding need curriculum such as VM Ware and virtual environments  . Sullivan's IT Advisory Board, made up of local IT professionals, keep course content fresh and relevant. All instructors for the IT Academy currently work in technology bringing “real world” technical scenarios into the classroom every day.

How is the IT Academy at Sullivan different than other training providers?

At Sullivan University, you can earn college credit for your certification classes and tuition includes the cost of your first certification test per class. Sullivan is an accredited university which provides you with a variety of payment options such as financial aide, tuition reimbursement and Veteran and Vocational education benefits. Classes are structured so you earn up to seven certifications once you’ve completed the program. The IT Academy costs LESS than most private training providers!

Will Sullivan help me find a job?

ABSOLUTELY. All Sullivan students receive graduate employment assistance for life!