Every chef needs a day out of the kitchen.
But what to do about all your sous-chefs-to-be who rely on you?
Not to worry—Insta-Sub is here!

Breading and Batter Frying Procedure

Frying foods can be tricky. We'll teach you the chemistry behind frying and show you the right techniques for getting that perfect golden brown every time.

Plating and Presentation

There's an art to plating food—color, texture, volume and space must all be considered. Find out how to turn your culinary creations into plated masterpieces.

Formal Table Setting

Proper table setting is a skill every chef needs to know. We'll take you through every step involved in creating a formal table table, from silverware placement to classic napkin folds.

Floor Sanitation

A dirty kitchen will never do. Maintaining proper sanitation standards is just as important as preparing delicious food. We'll show you how to get your floors to sparkle!