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Nanny and kids

All graduates from "The Professional Nanny Program" at Sullivan University have earned a diploma for their completion of this intensive twelve-month program. All graduates were thoroughly screened before being accepted into the Professional Nanny Program.

This screening includes:
Criminal & CAN Checks (Child Abuse & Neglect Registry Check)
Personal/Professional References
Negative TB test
Drug testing

These Professional Nanny graduates have been trained and certified in:
First Aid
Water Safety

They have completed courses in:
Infant Care & Stimulation
Child Development (birth through adolescence)
Cooking for and Feeding Children
Cultural Enrichment
Travel Planning
Family Dynamics
Lesson planning and assessment

All have had externship experiences in both a child care center and an in-home care situation. (180 clock hours)

Types of positions sought:

Professional Nannies normally work in two major career areas--as a Day-Nanny or as a Live-in Nanny.

Day Nanny: Nannies work approximately 10-12 hours per day. Salaried but paid overtime for any hours over 40 per week.

Live-In Nanny: As the employer, you would provide free room and board (TV, telephone, radio, etc.) plus a salary. The Nanny would typically have her own private room or suite. Nannies work approximately 10-12 hours per day.

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