Mix it up with a Beverage Management degree.

Once you graduate from the Beverage Management program, you will have a robust knowledge of beverages and the beverage industry, from the theory and creation of alcohol, through what it does to the human body, all the way to how to put together a marketable menu. Wines, beers and spirits are covered extensively, but specialty coffee and tea are also covered. Mixology and management are also emphasized in the program, preparing you for many positions within the hospitality industry. You will gain hands-on experience through an externship.

Degrees Offered:

Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree

Program can be completed entirely online.

Get to know the program:

Albert W. A. Schmid is a professor and the chair of the following programs: Hotel-Restaurant Management, Beverage Management and Hospitality Management.

What type of person would this program appeal to?

The Beverage Management degree program will appeal to you if you are interested in gaining an entry-level management position in the restaurant, hotel or other managed food service industries.

What specific skills or knowledge is taught in the program?

You will learn how to manage people, beverage, and revenue.

What are potential jobs or employment settings for graduates?

  • Hotel management
  • Restaurant management
  • Beverage management

What is the most important/unique thing about the programs?

The award-winning faculty (who each have industry experience) and the internships at award-winning hotels and restaurants are the most important (or unique) features of the beverage management program.

What are good resources for finding out more on this career field?

Program Success

Program Success — Blended
Program Success &38212; Online


Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

Course Titles Credit Hours
ACT 101 Principles of Accounting I 4
ACT 102 Principles of Accounting II 4
BEV 110 Bar Management and Mixology 4
BEV 242 Specialty Coffee and Tea Service 2
BEV 250 Wines of the New and Old World 4
BEV 264 Beer and Distilled Spirits 4
BEV 284 Managing Beverage Operations 4
BEV 286 Externship 6
CAM 124 Purchasing 4
CAM 134 Food Service Sanitation 4
CAM 284 Food and Beverage Control 4
CSC 118 Computer Applications I 4
ENG 101 Composition I 4
ENG 102 Composition II 4
FYE 101 Information Literacy 4
HRM 104 Introduction to Hospitality Management 4
HRM 115 Foodservice Management by Menu 4
HRM 164 Hospitality Management and Supervision 4
HRM 244 Wines and Spirits 4
HRM 292 Legal Aspects of Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Operations 2
MTH 101 College Mathematics 4
*ELECT* Natural Science/Math Elective(s) 4
*ELECT* Humanities/Fine Arts Elective(s) 4
*ELECT* Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective(s) 4
Total Credit Hours 94

*Courses subject to change.

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