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Admissions | Graduate School

All applicants to Sullivan University's graduate programs must be either in their final two quarters of classes in a Bachelor's degree program at Sullivan University or have an earned Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Candidates for admission to the graduate school must demonstrate proficiency in verbal, written, quantitative and critical reasoning skills. This can be accomplished by a review of transcripts of previous undergraduate and any prior graduate courses, or through application of criteria established by the University's graduate school admissions process. Applicants for admission to the Sullivan University Graduate School should contact the Graduate School admissions staff for additional information. Students who otherwise qualify for graduate admission may be accepted on a provisional basis. Course work for all graduate degrees consists of twelve courses (48 credit hours) (dual Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Managing Information Technology is 64 credit hours), of which no more than 49% may be transferred from an accredited college or university. The Dean of the Graduate School must approve all transferred credits.

Admission to Ph.D. in Management Program

Admission into the Ph.D. program in Management is selective and contingent upon an applicant's satisfying a number of minimal conditions. Primary factors considered include the applicant's overall undergraduate and graduate grade point averages, a minimal number of years experience in a managerial capacity, career interests and goals discussed in an essay, professional recommendations, and the applicant's appropriateness for Ph.D. study and ability to handle advanced-level research. Applicants who seek admission into the Ph.D. program must submit the following materials for consideration by the Ph.D. Admissions Committee within 5-days prior to the start of Ph.D. studies:

  • Completed Graduate School application form;
  • Nonrefundable enrollment fee;
  • Official transcripts indicating a completed, related master's degree and bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university, or from a non-U.S. institution with comparable accreditation. A minimum of a 3.25 on a 4.0 scale for master's course work is required;
  • Current resume that indicates a minimum of five years of professional managerial experience in business, government, or not-for-profit management;
  • Contact information for three references from past or current employers, university professors, or professional associations. Personal references from family, friends, and others are not acceptable;
  • A 500-1,000 word essay to describing your goals and experiences make you a superior candidate to pursue research and studies in management.

The Ph.D. admissions process has two stages. First, an applicant must submit all required documentation to the Ph.D. Admissions Committee within 5-days prior to the start of Ph.D. courses. Second, all members of the Ph.D. Admissions Committee review the application package, which includes all required documents and decide whether to admit or not to admit the applicant into the Ph.D. program. All decisions rendered by the committee and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School are considered final.

International Students Graduate School Admission

Applicants for the Graduate School from foreign countries must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Meet the regular admission requirements in order to be accepted into the Ph.D. in Management program;
  • Provide the University with an English translation of their previous college or university work;
  • Meet TOEFL, ILITS, or iTEP requirements outlined in the Admission of International Students section of this catalog;
  • Adhere to the University's regular admission procedures pertaining to international students.

See the special section related to international students and international programs included elsewhere in the catalog for more details related to international programs

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