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Admission to The University

Sullivan University continually strives to attract students who are committed to higher learning and career development. The university actively searches for those students who have the aptitude and desire to earn a university diploma or degree within their chosen career field. Student housing is available for those who qualify; see an admissions officer for details.

Rolling Acceptance Policy

There is no deadline for submitting an application for admission. The university has a rolling admissions policy and those who apply first are accepted first. Therefore, it is best for prospective students to submit an application as early as possible, regardless of what academic quarter they wish to start in. New classes begin in January, March, June and September of each year.

Information on Transferring Credits can be found here.

Equal Opportunity

It is the policy of Sullivan University to admit all applicants who meet the university's academic and technical standards for admission and participation in a particular education program or activity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, creed, sex, disability, or age.

Requests for Accommodation

Sullivan supports the tenets and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accommodations include special parking facilities, ramped entrances, elevator services, and accessible water fountains and restroom facilities. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the institution of any physical and/or mental disabilities that might, in any way, affect the student's academic progress. Sullivan will make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of any student with a disability. Please contact Student Services for more information.


Prior to beginning classes, students participate in a mandatory orientation program designed to acclimate students to Sullivan University. Orientation is held prior to the start of each quarter and introduces the student to university policy as well as to staff and faculty. Orientation familiarizes incoming students with Sullivan University through personality analysis, class scheduling and special informational sessions. The transition to college is an important time in a person's life; Sullivan's orientation gives students the foundation to begin a successful college career.

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