Meet the Director

Dr. Renee Rust-Yarmuth (Director)


In 2003, Dr. Rust-Yarmuth developed the Sullivan University Wellness Center. She loves to listen, return phone calls, and help students by advising and guiding.

She is a Certified Wellness Director with Fellow and Diplomate recognition in the American College of Wellness and the American College of Counselors. Her background includes a successful 15 year counseling practice in Indiana; mediator training in Indiana and Kentucky; college instructor (psychology, Marriage & family, business managerial communications); and interdenominational ministry.

A past president of the American College of Counselors (1998-2002) and of a local Rotary, Dr. Rust-Yarmuth has published books, tapes, and articles in the fields of poetry, ministry, counseling, and wellness topics.

Other dedicated members of the Office of Student Services collaborate with the SUWC to assist Sullivan students in the exciting venture of living WELL!