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Special Reports can get you started on research and help you promote awareness of your personal wellness. These articles appear in Vitality magazine, received monthly at the Wellness Center. To retrieve these articles online:

Access http://www.vitality.com. Click the Vitality on Demand button (located on the right side of the screen). At the next screen, enter the 3-digit code (from a title below) in the VOD box. In some way each article addresses stress-related illness/stress-related wellness- as you see it.

540 How to Quit Smoking 548 Controlling Allergies
541 Sensible Weight Loss 549 Lowering Healthcare Costs
542 Lowering Your Cholesterol 550 Living with Arthritis
543 Lowering Your Stress 551 Dealing with Headaches
544 Walking for Fitness 552 High Blood Pressure
545 Workstation Comfort 553 Health Resources Index
546 Fixing an Aching Back 554 Get a Good Night's Sleep
547 Starting an Exercise Program 555 The Facts About AIDS