FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a group of services provided by licensed pharmacists to make sure your medications are working best. These services include performing medication reviews, adjusting medication treatment plans, monitoring drug therapy, and medication adherence education. The goal of MTM is to ensure that your medications make you healthier.
Yes, The Center for Health & Wellness works with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and other specialists to find the best medication regimen for you. No changes are ever made to your medications without the consent of your primary care provider.
You will be meeting with a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy that has completed residency training and received MTM Certification from the American Pharmacist Association (APhA). The MTM Pharmacist may also invite a pharmacy student intern or pharmacy resident to participate in the medication review, just as medical students and residents participate in patient care in hospitals. (Pharmacy residents are licensed Doctors of Pharmacy that are employed by the Center to gain additional practice experience with MTM services.)
The Center for Health & Wellness is a fully licensed healthcare facility and is bound by law to obey HIPAA privacy rules and regulations. We take the confidentiality of our patients seriously and do not disclose personal health information to anyone other than your healthcare providers. All employees of Sullivan University System (including administration) are prohibited by law from accessing your private health information. Additionally, each of our providers, residents, and students are bound by law to protect the security of your information.
Sullivan University System will pay all associated costs for Sullivan employees and their dependents who participate in the company-sponsored Bluegrass Family Health Insurance Plan.
Yes, all Sullivan employees and their spouses and children who participate in the Bluegrass Family Health plan are eligible to participate.
No. But Sullivan University only pays for employees that are part of the company health plan. If you are not participating in the health plan, there are charges associated with our services. Please contact us if you are still interested, as we may be able to bill your current insurance for any services you receive here.
If you are interested in receiving MTM services, please contact the Center for Health & Wellness to schedule an appointment. We will send you a form to fill out prior to your appointment that lists your medical conditions, medications, and other health-related information. All of your information will be stored in an electronic medical record just like any other physician office or hospital. When you arrive for an appointment, a pharmacist will take you into a private exam/consultation room to conduct the medication review. Afterward, the pharmacist will contact your primary care provider to discuss any potential changes to your medication therapy.
Medications work differently for everyone, and drugs may interact with other medications, supplements, and/or foods. Pharmacists not only review your medications to ensure they are working effectively, but we look for the lowest cost alternatives that are proven to be effective. MTM visits are also proven to decrease the frequency of hospital stays, ER visits, and trips to the doctor’s office, which also result in cost savings to the patient.
Absolutely! Many medications interact with other medications (both prescription and over-thecounter), supplements, and/or diet. We will review everything that you take and make sure you are getting the best care.
MTM services are provided in the Center for Health & Wellness located on the 1st floor of the Nolan Building at 2100 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM.
To schedule an appointment, please contact Dan Fisher at (502) 213-8315.
You are under no obligation to accept the recommendations of our pharmacists. However, keep in mind that our goal is to ensure you are as healthy as possible while minimizing your health care costs.