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Thank you for visiting the Residency website for the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy! We are happy to currently offer 5 residency programs. Sullivan University College of Pharmacy has partnered with Walgreens Pharmacy in offering a PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency, which is co-directed by a Sullivan faculty member and the clinical coordinators of the Walgreens Louisville District. Sullivan also offers 4 traditional PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency programs in conjunction with Central State Hospital, Floyd Memorial Hospital, Frankfort Regional Medical Center, and INCAPS - The InterNational Center for Advanced Pharmacy Services at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. In all of these residency programs, the residents rotate through longitudinal and monthly rotations with many of the Clinical and Administrative Sciences faculty. The residency programs at Central State Hospital, Floyd Memorial Hospital, Frankfort Regional Medical Center and INCAPS are fully accredited by ASHP.

For more information on each of our residency programs, please click the "PGY1 Residency Opportunities" tab on the left side of this page. If you would like further details about any of the residency opportunities, please feel free to contact the Residency Director listed with that program, or myself as Residency Coordinator for the Sullivan University-sponsored residencies.

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Holly L. Byrnes, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Office of Professional and Student Relations
Residency Program Coordinator Assistant Professor,
Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
Sullivan University College of Pharmacy
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