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Historical Pharmacy Exhibit at the Library

Lynn Harrelson & Dr. Hieu Tran
Lynn Harrelson & Dr. Hieu Tran

A new historical exhibit at the Sullivan University Library in Louisville features antique equipment once used by pharmacists in Kentucky and elsewhere.  View more pictures here. The exhibit, offered in honor of the founding of Sullivan University's new College of Pharmacy, considers the lore and bygone days of the pharmacy profession.

Pieces are on loan from the personal collection of Jefferson County pharmacist and antique enthusiast Lynn Harrelson, who is also director of development for the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum in Lexington.

This is much more than old glass bottles! Come and see. Artifacts related to the new field of nuclear pharmacy may be added soon. The Sullivan University College of Pharmacy is scheduled to enroll its first students in 2008.

This exhibit will be displayed through the Spring and Summer quarters, which end on September 9, 2007.

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Nuclear Pharmacy Exhibit at the Library

Nuclear pharmacy is a specialized unit in the profession of pharmacy with a primary focus on compounding, dispensing, and administration of radioactive substances, as it pertains to nuclear medicine. As nuclear medicine procedures advanced, the need for specialized pharmacists trained in the area of nuclear pharmacy became apparent; leading to the establishment of a centralized nuclear pharmacy in the early 1970's.1 The professional role of a traditional pharmacist is similar to that of a nuclear pharmacist. However, the major difference focuses on an extensive training that such pharmacist must undergo in radiation safety in order to be certified. Besides compounding and dispensing, the nuclear pharmacist assists other healthcare professionals with radioactive product selection, drug information, as well as involvement in nuclear medicine studies. In summary, the nuclear pharmacist serves as a vital link between the nuclear medicine staff and the patient with respect to the ultimate care the patient receives. Currently, only few colleges of pharmacy have nuclear pharmacy in their curriculum. As the area of nuclear medicine continues to expand, the need for nuclear pharmacists will continuously grow in different pharmacy settings.1,2,3


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Exhibit Photographs

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