Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Requisites and Course Transfers

  • What are the prerequisites?
    Click here for the SUCOP Admissions information page:
  • Will the classes I’m currently taking transfer?
    If you have a question about a specific class you’ve taken or would like to take, please forward the course description of that class to and we will evaluate that course for you. Or please feel free to contact us at 502-413-8645, and we will happy to assist you.
  • What happens if I have low grades in some of my prerequisite classes?
    We encourage you to re-take these particular classes. In looking over your request for admission to the College of Pharmacy, we will look at perseverance and the desire you have to improve, among other factors. When averaging your GPA only the highest course grade will be factored.
  • How current does my transcript need to be? Will I have to take refresher courses in anything before applying?
    We only accept course work that has been taken within the past 6 years. Each individual case must be analyzed independently. If you have a question such as this, please feel free to send your transcripts to the College of Pharmacy for evaluation.


  • What is the application process?
    Click here for the SUCOP admissions web page information regarding admissions:
  • Do I need to have a Bachelor’s degree to enroll in the program?
    No, a Bachelor’s degree is not a requirement for enrolling in the Pharm.D. program. However, you must have all the pre-requisite courses completed (Click here for pre-requisites:
  • Are there a certain number of “reserved” spots for current Sullivan students?
    No. However, there are certain schools with which we have agreements to provide a small number of spots for students who have taken their undergraduate courses there and who will come here for their professional years, if they meet the College of Pharmacy admission criteria.
  • Will you use my actual GPA or the one that is calculated by PharmCAS? (Example: If I have re-taken some classes and gotten better grades, will you take that into account?)
    We do not use PharmCAS. We will use the actual GPA shown on your transcript and calculate your math/science GPA. If you have re-taken a course we will calculate your highest grade earned.
  • How many students will you be accepting?
    Incoming classes, approximately 100.

Tuition and Fees


  • What is the accreditation status?
    Sullivan University's Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 20 North Clark Street, Suite 2500, Chicago, IL 60602-5109, 312/664-3575; FAX 312/664-4652, web site www.acpe-accredit.


  • At the end of the program, will I have a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy or a Pharm.D.?
    You will have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree upon graduation from the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy.
  • What about student housing?
    Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in collaboration with Gardiner Point Residence Hall is able to provide student housing for Pharm. D. students.
  • Is there a program for Registered Pharmacists to continue their education while still working?
    We do not have a program in place for this at this time.

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