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Professional Fridays offer unique experiences for students within the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy (SUCOP). Professional Fridays are considered part of a student's academic workweek (5 days per week). This includes professional activities, service learning, and professional electives, which will run longitudinally through a student's first and second professional years. Students are not expected to participate in Professional Fridays while they are on their Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) as these activities require attendance at a practice site 5 days per week unless instructed otherwise by the site coordinator or Director of Experiential Education.

Requirements of Professional Fridays

  • Attendance will be taken at these events.
  • Examples of events include:
    • IPPE/APPE orientations
    • Make-up lectures due to weather, faculty illness, etc.
    • Course projects
    • Research course presentations
    • Professional seminars on different types of pharmacy practice
    • Student organization activities
    • Student remediation
    • Working on student projects or participating in study groups
    • Professional Electives
    • Service Learning Projects (Community outreach activities)

Participation in and documentation of participation in Professional Friday events is a graduation requirement of Sullivan University College of Pharmacy.

 It should be noted that the College of Pharmacy Attendance Policy will be enforced for Professional Friday activities. Except for excused absences listed in the Attendance Policy, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will determine whether or not an absence will be deemed excused. Further, it should be noted that any activity for which a student receives monetary compensation (i.e. working) will not count as a Professional Friday activity.

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