Office of Professional & Student Relations

Greetings to the Class of 2017!

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. As you prepare for your arrival to campus, we would like to briefly introduce the leadership and professionalism opportunities that are available to you as a student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Learning is not exclusive to the classroom. Participation in student professional organizations is a valuable tool to assist students in personal growth, development of leadership and communication skills, networking with peers and colleagues, and advancement of the pharmacy profession. The Sullivan University College of Pharmacy has a Student Government Association (SGA), with elected student officers from the Class of 2013 and Class of 2014, who work closely with the Office of Professional and Student Relations and the Office of the Dean to organize and implement student activities. Additional student groups that are aligned with national, state, and local pharmacy organizations, as well as professional, scholarly and leadership societies collaborate with SGA to promote professionalism, leadership, and service opportunities for the College and surrounding community.

Information regarding professionalism and pharmacy student organizations will be introduced at Orientation and an informational session will be held during the first quarter of classes for all interested students. Remember that your input and assistance is vital to the success of these student groups. We are delighted to have you join our College and look forward to assisting you in your professional pharmacy education.


Holly L. Byrnes, Pharm.D., BCPS
Director of the Office of Professional and Student Relations
Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

Holly L. Byrnes, Pharm.D., BCPS

Contact Information:

Holly Byrnes, Pharm.D., BCPS
Assistant Professor, Clinical & Administrative Sciences
Director of Professional and Student Relations
Office Phone: 502-413-8648
Office Fax: 502-515-4669

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