Purpose and Authority

The students of Sullivan University College of Pharmacy (SUCOP) provide the authority to secure self-governance for the purpose of securing a forum for the expression of ideas on matters of interest to students by:

  • coordination and facilitation of the activities of the various student organizations.
  • serving as a liaison between the students and the faculty and administration of SUCOP.

The student government association, hereby known as SGA, may use this authority to:

  • establish and enforce rules and standards for student organizational activities, including:
    • maintenance of organizational binders and other required paperwork.
    • petitions for funding and requirements for reimbursement.
    • coordination of events and fund-raising activities.
  • determine the rules and supervise the election of class officers in a transparent and equitable manner.
  • meet with faculty and administration as needed to ensure that ideas and concerns of the student body are expressed and acknowledged.
  • by majority vote, enact, revise, amend, repeal and enforce by-laws, rules, and regulations in order to act on the provisions of this constitution. This includes the power to revoke organizational privileges if required.

SGA, as a duly elected parliamentary body, has the authority to regulate its internal organization as follows:

  • Establish qualifications, in coordination with the Dean, for election to SGA.
  • Determine the rules for SGA proceedings.
  • Ratify all appointments made on behalf of SGA.
  • Authorize the projects and activities of SGA.

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