The Application Process

As of September 1, 2013, applications to Sullivan University College of Pharmacy must be filed through PharmCAS.

However, a Supplemental Application (available on the Sullivan College of Pharmacy web site) is still required to be submitted directly to the Office of Student Affairs and must include copies of official transcripts of all coursework completed at other colleges/universities. The Supplemental Application Fee is $100.00.

The Office of Student Affairs invites applications for admission into the Class of 2017, entering in July 2014. Applications will be accepted beginning on July 8, 2013.

For Program Success, please visit:

  • Click on the Supplemental Application for Admission
  • Complete the application legibly and completely
  • Print two copies-one to submit to the College of Pharmacy and one for your records. You may not save data typed onto the form, you may only print it.
  • Order official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Student Affairs of the College of Pharmacy or submit them with your application in a sealed envelope. We must have official transcripts of all coursework from all colleges attended. We cannot process an application without all transcripts.
  • PCAT scores must be sent to the school.
  • TOEFL if applicable
  • Proof of Residency if applicable
  • Include a $100.00, non-refundable, supplemental application fee with the supplemental application.
  • Submit the completed supplemental application and accompanying documentation directly to the Office of Student Affairs by the deadline date for consideration.

Letters of Recommendation/Evaluation

The applicant must request letters of recommendation/evaluation from two professionals to be submitted directly to PharmCAS. It is preferred that one letter be from a college professor who has taught the applicant and can speak to the applicant's abilities, strengths and weaknesses academically. The second letter may be from a health professional who knows the applicant well. An applicant's file is not complete until all letters of recommendation are received. Applicants must download the Letter of Recommendation Form from the college web site. In accordance with FERPA standards, an applicant must indicate whether or not he/she waives the right to review the contents of the letter of recommendation/evaluation and sign the form accordingly.

About the Personal Essay

The personal essay reveals your thoughts about your strengths as a person as well as areas of personal development you believe you need to improve. The essay communicates your motivation, goals, circumstances, and experiences related to a career in the profession of pharmacy. Applicants should focus on providing complete and in-depth information about themselves, including their educational experiences, co-curricular and other activities that have contributed to their development. The essay should be 750-1500 words and be composed on a word processor or typewritten.

Evaluation of Applicants

Evaluation of completed applications will begin as soon as received and continue until the class is filled. The initial evaluation of applicants by the Admissions and Student Affairs Committee determines which applicants are eligible for on-campus interviews. A final evaluation determines which applicants who have been interviewed are eligible for admission. Given the extreme competitiveness of admissions to colleges and schools of pharmacy across the country, multiple criteria are utilized to select the most qualified candidates from the pool of applicants. The size of the applicant pool far exceeds the number of seats available in an incoming class. The criteria used in an evaluation include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Grade point average in pre-pharmacy coursework (at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
  • Cumulative overall grade point average (at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
  • PCAT results
  • Pharmacy related work experience
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Professional preparedness and motivation as demonstrated by the applicant's personal essay and co-curricular activities and/or community service

The Interview Process

Still under review

The Matriculation Process

After an applicant has received notice of his/her acceptance (a formal letter from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy), the matriculation process begins. The student must return a copy of his/her signed letter of invitation within seven (7) business days of receipt of the invitation. In addition, the student must:

  • Submit the required reservation deposit (currently $500.00) by the date designated in the letter of invitation from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy. This deposit is non-refundable but is applied to the student’s tuition.
  • Non-US citizens (Permanent Residents holding “Green Cards”) must provide proof of legal residence in the United States and keep the Office of Student Affairs informed of any changes in legal residency status. Changes in residency status caused by expiration or revocation of a “Green Card” will result in automatic dismissal from the College of Pharmacy, at the present time; the College of Pharmacy is not considering International Applicants holding Student Visa status.
  • If the student has pre-pharmacy coursework in progress, he/she must submit official transcripts showing completion prior to the start of classes in July
  • Complete the Packet that is certified mail to your permanent address. Included in the packet:
    • The Tuition Agreement Form
    • The Enrollment Acknowledgement Form
    • The Authorization to Conduct a Criminal Background Check
    • The Health Information Form with Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage
    • The Application for Student Pharmacist Liability Insurance
    • The Immunization Certificate
    • The Tuition and Program Completion Form
    • Parking Permit
    • Medical Terminology
    • Application for Registration as a Pharmacist Intern
    • Satisfy the Technical Standards for Admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy program

If a student fails to satisfy these matriculation requirements or omits or falsifies any information, he/she automatically forfeits his/her seat in the class.

Revised: 9/11/13

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