Annual Nanotechnology Symposium


Advances in Nanotechnology, Education, and Applications

September 21-22, 2012 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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About Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing industry, incorporating all fields of science and similar studies. The theme "Nano is Too Big" is intended to entice curious persons to dive deeper into the field of nanotechnology, as its future capabilities are seemingly endless.

From a pharmacist perspective, Dean Hieu T. Tran, Pharm. D., state "we are looking forward to the advancement of Nanoscience applied to drug delivery and treatment and to forward the translational science initiative, brining nanotech from bench to the patient's bedside."

The education industry, in particular, should be seeking more and more knowledge on nanotechnology. At the First Annual Nanotechnology Symposium, key note speaker Dr. R.P.H. Chang claimed that more than 2 million workers would be required in the field of nanotechnology within the next 10 years. That said, it's time to start preparing the next generation for what to expect with and how to apply nanotechnology.

Now is the time to learn about this new and newer technology – NANOTECHNOLOGY! Join us at the 5th Annual Nanotechnology Symposium to hear about the latest and greatest research and developments in the industry.

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