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What type of learning is right for me?

Advantages of Online Learning


  • Online learning takes place any time of day in any place that has Internet connection.
  • You don’t have to worry about traffic, taking time off work, childcare arrangements, etc.
  • You can repeat instruction, participate and review course materials 24/7.
  • Studies show students can learn as well online as on campus.
  • Online classes require the same amount of time and type of work as on campus classes.
  • Successful online students set aside study time each week.
  • Online classes are not correspondence classes — you will have assignments due each week.
  • You don’t need to be a techno-geek to take online classes, but you do need to be confident with web browsing and with word processing software.


Do you….

  • Have clear educational goals?
  • Have strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills?
  • Have good time-management skills?
  • Realize that online classes require several hours of work per week?
  • Have an area to study without interruptions?

Are you…

  • Self motivated and not a procrastinator?
  • Able to log on to your courses several times per week?

If you’ve answered “YES” to all these questions, you are a GREAT candidate for online learning.

Advantages of On-Campus Learning


  • Social Interaction: Interacting with peers and teachers alike provides learning and networking opportunities to students. Additionally, campus-based learning provides the opportunity for students to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Facilities: A college campus may provide a myriad of facilities that students enrolled in an online education program may not have access to, such as the school's library and laboratories.
  • Instructors: Face-to-face instruction and interaction with professors offers a number of benefits for many students and allows them to ask questions that receive immediate feedback.
  • Degree Programs: There are a greater number of degree programs available for students who enroll in campus-based education programs. Degree programs in areas such as IT, hospitality studies or health-related fields may require the physical presence of students due to labs.
  • Structure: Many students may find the structure, regularity and scheduling found in a campus-based education beneficial, as opposed to a more flexible schedule.
  • Tutoring: Campus-based students (and local online students) have access to the university’s tutoring centers and face-to-face tutoring assistance.

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