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Online Learning | Policies


  • Students must self-register for online classes by completing the registration form.
  • Students are provided statements to assess their technical ability and personal traits for success in an online course.
  • Students must print a registration receipt which includes:
    • Classes requested
    • Start date of the course (Monday of Week 1)
    • A message stating they will receive notification regarding the enrollment of the course(s) within 1 week.
  • A student's acceptance into a class is contingent upon the student's eligibility to take the class.
  • The Online learning staff will verify that the student has met the prerequisites and course requirements.
  • Students will receive an explanation via email if acceptance into a class is denied.
  • Students who are accepted into a class will receive a confirmation of registration via email, which includes the following:
    • Course number(s) and course name(s).
    • Instructions for accessing the course web page.
    • Student login/username and password for the course(s).
    • Information on how to access the, Student Quickstart Guide.
    • Date the course(s) will be available to access. (Monday of Week 1)
    • Deadline for logging into the course(s) and completing the initial assignments. (Sunday of Week 1)

Student Attendance:

  • Students should log into their courses on a regular basis each week to complete assignments and participate in class discussions.
  • Students should post questions about the course to the "Ask the Instructor" forum. More personalized issues should be communicated with the instructor via e-mail.
  • Students must login to their online course(s) by 12:00 midnight on Sunday of the first week of class. If not, they risk being automatically dropped from the course.


  • Students must use their Sullivan email account ( for online classes.

Student Assignments:

  • Students will upload all assignments as directed by the instructor.
  • Students will receive feedback on their assignments by their instructors.

Technical Problems:

  • For technical problems, students should contact the help desk at 1-866-755-7807 or
  • For ANGEL-related technical issues, students may contact the 24/7/365 ANGEL Online Support Center toll free at 1-888-720-6684.

Other Problems:

  • If students cannot login to a course, they should contact Online Student Services at or, after hours, call 1-888-720-6684.
  • If students have difficulty with their Sullivan email account they should contact the IT Helpdesk at 1-866-755-7807 or

Course/Instructor Evaluations:

  • Students are required to complete course evaluations at the end of the class.

Student Withdrawal:

  • Students must use the Online Withdrawal Form to withdraw from their online classes.
  • The Online learning staff will send a confirmation of withdrawal to the student. A copy will also be sent to the instructor.
  • Students will be charged for the course(s) through the day the Online Withdrawal Form is submitted.
  • Students must formally withdraw from a course. Students who do not formally withdraw from a course may receive a grade of "F" and be charged for the class.


  • Textbooks can be purchased through the Online Bookstore. Because of different editions of texts and software, it is recommended that you purchase books through the Online Bookstore.
  • Students working with Financial Planning should contact their Financial Planning Coordinator for information regarding Online Book Vouchers.

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