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Paying for School

Get the Money You Need for College

Some students may believe they are not financially capable of attending a college or university; however, almost everyone can afford Sullivan University. Even if you think you're not financially fit, Sullivan's Financial Planning Office will offer advice and find ways to help you obtain the financial assistance necessary to complete your education. If you want to obtain financial aid information, please contact an admissions officer as early as possible to coordinate an appointment with Financial Planning. Day, evening and weekends appointments are available.

Military: There are several opportunities exclusively for military personnel, including 100% paid tuition of up to $4,500 per year. You can learn more about these opportunities online from the Army Continuing Education System.


Scholarships can aid you financially now and often do not require future repayment, so you should always search for scholarships and grants before pursuing student loans. Sullivan offers the following scholarships:

Information on additional scholarships is also available from your admissions officer; also, you can find other scholarships that are awarded by third parties outside of the Sullivan University system here: find more scholarships.


Grants are a one-time source of financial aid. Like scholarships, grants generally do not need to be repaid. Students at Sullivan University may be eligible for several grants, including:

Contact an admissions officer now if you are interested in information about financial aid. It's the first step to getting an appointment with a financial counselor (available even on nights and weekends).

Low Interest Loans

Student loans are available to help you pay tuition at any Sullivan University campus. These loans are available from the federal government and other sources for students who qualify. The most popular student loan programs are as follows:

  • Federal Direct Parent and Student Loans — low-interest loans for students and parents
  • Federal Subsidized Loans — providing up to $3,500 the first 46 credit hours (and potentially more thereafter)
  • Federal Perkins Loans — providing up to $4,000 per academic year for students who demonstrate need
  • Federal PLUS and Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans — for students who do not qualify for the above-listed loan programs
  • Career Education Funds — institutional loans for students who don't qualify otherwise for adequate financial aid. The loan amounts vary according to need.

If you are interested in information about student loans, talk to an admissions officer today for an appointment with a financial counselor.

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

Sullivan University wants to help every student succeed. In addition to scholarships, grants and student loans, your campus can provide details on many other types of assistance, including:

  • Company tuition reimbursement— may be available through your employer's HR department
  • Part-time jobs— available through information received by the Career Services office
  • Rehabilitation programs— for students with substantial handicaps to employment
  • UPS Earn & Learn— a joint venture between Sullivan University and UPS for students who work up to 20 hours per week
  • Veterans benefits— for those who qualify
  • The Workforce Investment Board— which provides grants to qualified students who are displaced or are unemployed

Talk to an admissions officer at your nearby campus for more information about these and other types of financial aid.

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