Be a medical leader with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

The pharmacist is a vital member of the healthcare team, is responsible for the outcome of patient medication therapy as a drug information expert, and is knowledgeable about the complexity of modern medication as well as the implications of natural herbals and more traditional medicine. The pharmacist communicates with patients and other members of the healthcare team to contribute to the delivery of a safe and effective therapy to patients. Pharmacists are advocates for the welfare of the patient, leaders in the community and contributors to research and the sciences.

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) requires prerequisite coursework equaling 72 semester credits (108 quarter credits) that approximates a two-to-three year program of study completed before admission to the Sullivan University program. The Sullivan University PharmD consists of a three-calendar-year professional program offered at the Louisville campus.

Degrees Offered:

Doctor of Pharmacy

Program Success

Program Success

Requirements/Admissions to the Doctor of Pharmacy

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