Refine your skills with a Baking and Pastry Arts degree.

In the Baking and Pastry Arts Associate of Science Degree, you will learn the skills needed to prepare baked goods and specialty pastries, including tortes, gateaux, mousses and bavarois, with both classical and international flair. At graduation, you will be prepared to work as a pastry chef in a bakery or pastry arts setting.

You will be taught and receive guidance from well-known, gold medal-winning chef instructors. The required internship/externship for the program is normally completed at The Bakery or Winston's Restaurant, both of which are laboratory real-world facilities located on the Louisville campus. Externships at selected restaurants are also available.

The American Culinary Federation's Education Federation Accrediting Commission accredits this program.

Degrees Offered:

Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree

Get to know the program.

Chef Derek Spendlove, CEPC, CCE, AAC, HGOT, is the Director of the Baking & Pastry Arts program.

What type of person would this program appeal to?

The ideal Baking and Pastry Arts student is one who is eagerly willing to learn. Will and want are two very important factors for success in this degree program. If you are coming into the Baking and Pastry Arts Associate Degree program, you must be here because you want to be here. Baking and Pastry Arts must be in your heart and soul and not just in your mind. To be successful, you must truly care and consciously enjoy getting involved with food.

Successful graduates are well-organized, educated, dedicated professionals who have an intense passion for Baking and Pastry Arts and an acute attention to detail. If you are willing to give 110%, you will be very successful in this program. Working in the Baking and Pastry Arts industry requires a great deal of skill and creativity. You will learn to bake scrumptious pastries, breads and sweets, and then decorate them to perfection.

The Baking & Pastry Arts program appeals to a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Mature students who are looking to change careers, oftentimes giving up something that they have "had to do" for something that they have "always wanted to do."
  • Individuals who have been in the hospitality industry for some time and have realized that in order to take the next step toward management or entrepreneurship, they are in need of a formal education.
  • Individuals who have realized that they are pleasers and enjoy the rewards that come along with entertaining, serving and making other people feel special.
  • Creative, high-energy individuals who enjoy working with their hands and the camaraderie of reaching goals in a team setting.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to begin their own wedding cake or bakery operation.
  • Baking & Pastry Arts is a hot topic represented in the news, on television and in many periodicals, oftentimes catching the attention of individuals who are simply interested in becoming part of what they view as entertainment.
  • Individuals who have grown up with dietary restrictions or other family members with dietary restrictions.

What specific skills or knowledge are taught in the program?

The Baking & Pastry Arts Program at Sullivan University is a fully accredited program with a strong concentration on fundamental baking and pastry techniques, food safety and sanitation, nutrition and the overall management of food service operations, culminating in an associate's degree in Baking & Pastry Arts. Once you complete the program, you will have a firm grasp of the foundation of Baking and Pastry Arts. For more details about what you will learn in the program, please refer to the course descriptions.

What are potential jobs or employment settings for graduates?

"I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun." Thomas A. Edison, American inventor

Stamina, patience, a strong work ethic and persistence are qualities necessary for success in the baking and pastry industry. Creativity is necessary for those wishing to ascend to leadership in the kitchen and industry. Making the customer's vision a reality is a big part of what will be expected professionally. A career in baking and pastry arts is often physically demanding, requiring attention to detail and long hours in sometimes inhospitable conditions. Pastry chefs and bakers typically work 50-60 hours a week. They are responsible for all areas of production in the modern bakeshop and much more. Pastry chefs and bakers must keep up with current trends and production methods and readily adapt to them.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Pastry chefs and bakers can expect to work in a variety of locations, including: restaurants, hotels, casinos and bakeries. Facilities can be the largest and most elaborate or the smallest and most simple. Industrial baking is another possible avenue where product is mass-produced under strict guidelines. Sales and technical representatives for foodservice suppliers are potential job opportunities. With the knowledge gained, a successful graduate can take their skills anywhere in the world, producing regional specialties, dazzling centerpieces and memory-making special occasion cakes. This is a career field with endless opportunities and possibilities for the baking and pastry arts professional.

What is the most important or unique aspect about this program?

The Baking & Pastry Arts program boasts a faculty who possess ACF Certification, educational and experiential qualifications for the classes they teach and who emphasize the process of learning as well as the assimilation of knowledge and skills.

You will work with modern baking equipment similar to the equipment that is used currently in the industry.

The Sullivan University Baking and Pastry Arts program boasts "zero areas of non-compliance" and Exemplary Program on their most recent accreditation visit from the governing body of The American Culinary Federation.

What are good resources for finding out more on this career field?

  • The American Culinary Federation
  • Retail Bakers of America
  • Food Network
  • Pastry Forum

Program Success

Program Success


Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

Course Titles Credit Hours
BFS 104 Basic Culinary Theory
BFS 106 Basic Culinary Skills Laboratory
BUS 114 Applied Culinary Mathematics
CAM 124 Purchasing
CAM 134 Food Service Sanitation
CAM 174 Basic Nutrition
COM 214 Public Speaking
CSC 118 Computer Applications I
ENG 101 Composition I
ENG 102 Composition II
FYE 101 Information Literacy
HRM 110 Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Studies
HRM 164 Hospitality Management and Supervision
HRM 244 Wines and Spirits
PBA 124 Baking Science
PBA 126 Baking Fundamentals
PBA 134 Artisan Theory
PBA 136 Advance Techniques in bread
PBA 216 Modern Pastry Techniques
PBA 244 Entrepreneurship
PBA 246 Global Pastry Arts & Design
PBA 266 Baking Practicum (pre PBA246, PBA216)
*ELECT* Natural Science/Math Elective(s)
*ELECT* Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective(s)
*ELECT* Humanities/Fine Arts Elective(s)
Total Credit Hours

*Courses subject to change.

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