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Enrollment Process:

In order to enroll at Sullivan, there are a couple of steps that need to be taken:

Step 1: Meet with an Admissions Officer. To make an appointment call 502-456-6504. An enrollment fee of $100 will be needed to lock in your tuition.

Step 2: Submit your test scores (ACT, SAT or APT)

Step 3: Meet with a Financial Aid Coordinator. Your Admissions Officer will set this appointment for you.

Step 4: Schedule your campus processing date with your Admissions Officer.


Required to Attend

  • Financial Aid Appointment
  • Pre-Orientation
  • Registration
  • Move-in day (if applicable)

Fee Waiver Procedure/Deferments:

A student may divide the enrollment fee. They can pay $50 and the time the enrollment is turned in and the remaining $50 when they come for their financial aid appointment.

We do not accept fee waivers.

Scholarship Information:

View a list of our scholarships

Our Fax Number:

To send transcripts, ACT scores etc. please fax to 502-456-0040. Please contact Admissions Office, 502-456-6504 before sending fax over.

Jumpstart Program:

The jumpstart program at Sullivan University can get you an early start on your college degree with a FREE “for-credit” university class. You just purchase the text book.

Classes will be every Thursday from 4pm-7:45pm beginning January 6 and will end March 17.

For registration and details please click here

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