Classroom Activities and Retention

Description of the Presentation

Retention is a buzz word on college campuses nationwide, and has become a growing priority at Sullivan University. Currently, there are a variety of practices in place to encourage student retention at Sullivan University. Programs such as mentoring, tutoring, and early alert seek to provide our students a community they can depend on for support as they complete their education.

Through this presentation, we will discuss ways to increase our efforts and put retention practices to use in the classroom. This presentation will look at the importance of retention and why it is everyone’s responsibility. Focus will be placed on identifying students at risk for attrition, how to enhance retention efforts in the classroom and where and when to seek assistance for more complicated situations.

Biography of the Presenter

Ann Moore, is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Sullivan University, Lexington. Ann received her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from Xavier University and her Master of Education in College Student Personnel. Over the course of her career, she has worked in a variety of different universities counseling college students on their personal and academic lives. Her post-graduate interests have been in large part on retention. Most recently, she served as the Chair of the system-wide retention committee and presented to Sullivan University Lexington faculty about retention efforts. Presently, Ann coordinates retention efforts on the Sullivan University, Lexington campus.

Faculty and Retention

Description of the Presentation

What are the students of today saying about their college choice and how is that affecting their persistence in a college environment? How does Sullivan University stack up to these student expectations? What is a proven formula that makes college retention a success? How does Sullivan University compare to current data? What is the role of the faculty in the successful retention of students? What is in place and what is on the horizon to make the faculty’s role in retention less complicated?

These questions will be the focus of this presentation.

Biography of the Presenter

James M. Kearfott, MSDR has twenty one years of working with and in a variety of positions with Sullivan University as well as degrees in Conflict Resolution, Human Resource Management, and Christian Ministry. These experiences have given James the educational resources needed to work in retention. Additional training in Business Analysis and Project Management has given James the commercial tools to reach retention objectives. As Director of Student Retention, James, with the help of many good people, has been able to work on processes and activities that have had a marked impact on student persistence.

Supplemental Materials

Faculty and Student Retention (PowerPoint)
Faculty and Student Retention Speaker Notes (pdf)