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Nanny and kids

The Perfect Match!

The demand for quality child care is on the rise with the
growth of dual career families. Additionally, parents are more educated about the need for creating enriching and positive learning environments to enhance brain development and get
their youngsters off to the best start possible.

Sullivan fills the need

Lisa Zaring, Director of Public Relations for the Early Childhood Education Programs & Career Services Placement Specialist, utilizes her passion and years of experience matching graduates to families. She receives dozens of calls from frantic parents in search of professional in-home child care for their unique situations. One such caller was Najla Aswad from New York; her husband was going to be transferred to the Louisville area. Her need was for a live-in Professional Nanny for her three children aged 2 to 8. Najla shared her values about child rearing, desires to be a hands-on working mom and her entrepreneur passion and success for catering gourmet kosher foods. (She is founder and president of Najla's, best known for its Gone Chunky gourmet cookie line sold nationwide.)

Great benefit package

The Aswalds submitted a questionnaire listing their child care needs and the employment package they could offer. Ms. Zaring immediately thought of Prudence Torian, a graduate, who wanted employment with a family with high standards and a commitment to their children. Prudence also was open to a live-in position with the use of a vehicle after a short probationary period. Ms. Zaring arranged for the family and the graduate to have a telephone interview and later a face-to-face meeting. After discussing the job description, salary and benefits package with both health and dental insurance, Prudence agreed to the contract terms. Once the family's move was complete, Prudence joined them to help the children settle into their new environment. The family quickly learned of Prudence's many job competencies and outstanding character. They purchased a 2006 SUV for Prudence to use when transporting the children and for her personal use on trips back home to Paducah.

More than a babysitter

Prudence is far more than a highly paid babysitter. She is providing a positive enriching environment to nurture three children while earning a living doing what she really enjoys. "Family is always important. You should take time to enjoy them, love them and help nurture them to be well-rounded adults," Prudence said, as she shared how rewarding this career field is for her when matched with a family who shares her values and commitment to children.

USA Today recently published an article titled, "CEO shells out nearly six figures to secure the perfect nanny." The article states that typically nannies start out at $30,000 but high-end nannies could easily double that in a year or two. Astonishingly, one CEO pays his nanny $100,000 and reveres her as the most important hiring decision he has made. Those individuals that are given the awesome responsibility to educate and nurture children from infancy are gaining respect and earning a salary to match the high quality care they are providing!

Wonderful opportunities

Students graduating with a Professional Nanny Diploma or Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education have several career path options. With the increasingly competitive salaries for high-end educated nannies, the decision to follow the Professional Nanny path is even more appealing for Sullivan grads.

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